Assessment for gifted students

First, every learner needs goals for learning and indicators of progress in learning.
Develop an on-going staff development program that assists teachers in facilitating the attainment of the specified learner outcomes.These outcomes provide the basis for creating worthwhile learning experiences, for setting appropriate expectations, and for assessing the extent of learning attained.Current state-developed learner outcomes for all students may be well-informed with respect to the state of the art in the specific disciplines of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.Since the characteristics of gifted understanding the needs of gifted and talented students learners imply a capacity to learn basic material much faster than other learners and handle more complex and sophisticated material at an earlier stage of development, appropriate learner outcomes must reflect these distinctions.These are the legitimate questions asked by gifted students about their own anticipation for school learning, and they nicely frame the basic questions that educators must answer to create appropriate outcomes for such students.She is also interested in extensions of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model for both gifted and talented students and as a way to expand offerings and provide general enrichment to identify talents and potentials in students who have not been previously identified as gifted.Below is a set of ninth- grade English curriculum outcomes for all learners juxtaposed with outcomes that were developed specifically for gifted students at that same grade level.Hold a staff development session for all teachers on gifted learner outcomes and the linkages already present in the curriculum that address them.Is familiar with the structural elements of literature.Teachers can review basal texts for lessons that support the desired outcome and then explore supplemental resources that contribute directly to student learning.Demonstrate activities and materials that specifically teach to the attainment of gifted learner outcomes.
From generic outcomes, typically, major differences lie in the scope of the outcome, the stage of development at which it is expected, and the implicit proficiencies necessary to achieve it at an exemplary level.
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Although he has obtained more than 20 million in research grants, he lists as his proudest professional accomplishments the UConn Mentor Connection program for gifted young students and the summer Confratute program at UConn, which began in 1978 and has served thousands of teachers and.Sally serves on several editorial boards, including the Gifted Child Quarterly, daniel footwear discount code 2017 and is a past president of the National Association for Gifted Children.The example used earlier is one model for representing the relationship between the two sets of learner outcomes.We may want gifted ninth-grade students to conduct a community survey, using basic statistics, on a topic of interest.We may want gifted third-grade students to prepare a science project using a scientific process-selecting a topic of interest, reading a lot about the topic, designing an experiment to test a question of interest, completing the experiment, and communicating the results through a poster and.Atlanta, GA: Georgia State Department of Education.Creates a literary work in a self-selected form, using appropriate structural elements.Activities must be tied to substantive outcomes; they must have a purpose high quality gift boxes wholesale larger than themselves.Author: VanTassel-Baska, Joyce Publication Year: 1992 Document Type: Eric Product (071 Eric Digests (selected) (073) Target Audience: Practitioners eric Identifier: ED352775 Available from: Council for Exceptional Children, 1920 Association., Reston, VA (1, minimum order 5 prepaid).