Cheque receipt voucher

Example 1 : ABC Ltd raised a sale bill of rs 10000.00 to winnipeg jets win Mr sharma received the cheque of Rs 5000 from him.
Special Note, download all major bank cheque printing configuration from download and installation section of the forum.To print the Receipt voucher, Go to Gateway of Tally Accounts Info Voucher Types Alter.To view the balance of party after including the PDC cheque receipt Press F12 Configuration from the voucher entry screen.Set the option Print Formal Receipt after saving to Yes.You can use reference as advance receipt, New, Against or on account if you have enabled bill wise entry in Suppliers ledger master.For a better financial planning and fund management PDC cheque is a must tool to survive in a tight financial conditions of a competitive world. .Today, I will let you know how to post receipt voucher in tally.Suppose the company receives a payment from a customer against a particular invoice and a Formal Receipt has to be issued acknowledging receipt of the same.Assume that current date.Or Use shortcut key.Benefits of Post dated Cheque Transactions.
Post dated cheque is an essential part of todays business world.
If you enter a memorandum voucher on that date of PDC, the PDC entry will get posted in to ledger.
You will get a post dated transaction monthly summary.Gateway of Tally Accounting Vouchers F6 Receipt.Manoj Garg, Guest author of m for the same.PDC can be issued to your suppliers and can be received from your rmally Post dated cheques are presented on the date of instrument and booked or accounted on the same date.Date: On the date of cheque date the entry will get posted into concerned at is in customer account and bank account in the above case.This is normal receipt voucher, Now click on, post-Dated button provided on the right button panel.

The recipient of the voucher check detaches the voucher and retains it for record-keeping before cashing the check.