Citibank premiermiles reward points

The Citi Rewards Points/Miles/Cash Back earned accrued can not be transferred to other Credit Card Type that offer different Citi Rewards Program.
This offer will not be available in conjunction with any other sign up offers/promotions.
Only retail spend related transactions will be eligible for being considered as eligible spend for this campaign.Setiap perubahan akan diinformasikan secara tertulis kepada Pemegang Kartu.The offer is applicable for all credit cards being offered during the promotion period.3.6 Citibank reserves the right to adjust these terms for the Rewards points/miles/cash back to the current market development.3.10 Citi Rewards Points/Miles/Cash Back tidak dapat dialihkan kepada Pemegang Kartu lain dan tidak dapat diuangkan, Citibank memiliki kewenangan penuh untuk menentukan jumlah Citi Rewards Points/Miles/Cash Back terakhir berdasarkan data yang dimiliki Citibank;.11 Untuk tujuan perhitungan Citi Rewards Points/Miles/Cash Back dan penukaran Hadiah, Citi.Learn more, cASH advance, be ready for some of lifes little surprises at the most unexpected moments.Tidak diperbolehkan juga pengalihan Citi Rewards Points/Miles/Cash Back ke Jenis Kartu Kredit yang menawarkan Program Citi Rewards yang berbeda.The Citi Rewards Points/Miles/Cash Back can still be exchanged to Gifts if the redemption is made prior to the closure of the Citi Credit Card account.Terms AND conditions, this offer is applicable only for customers who submit a lead through the online cashback campaign, successfully get approved for a credit card and meet the minimum retail spend requirements listed below.
3.4 Jumlah pembelanjaan yang diperhitungkan dalam pengumpulan Citi Rewards Points/Miles/Cash Back adalah pembelanjaan dengan menggunakan Kartu Kredit Citi (termasuk kartu tambahan bila ada dengan ketentuan bahwa Citibank berhak untuk merubah, menambah kualifikasi termasuk tetapi tidak terbatas untuk menentukan transaksi yang berlaku dalam perhitungan Poin Reward/Miles/Cash.3.14 Dalam hal Pemegang Kartu utama yang telah memiliki lebih dari satu Kartu Kredit Citi bermaksud untuk menutup salah satu Kartu Kredit Citi, maka Citi Rewards Points/Miles/Cash Back yang telah diperoleh tidak bisa dialihkan ke dalam Kartu Kredit Citi lainnya, tetapi masih dapat ditukarkan selama.You can withdraw, in any currency, from any BancNet/MegaLink ATMs in the Philippines or Cirrus/Plus ATMs when abroad.Pemegang Kartu hanya dapat mengumpulkan Citi Rewards Points/Miles/Cash Back jika Kartu kreditnya masih aktif dan status pembayaran lancar sesuai dengan syarat dan ketentuan tentang penggunaan Kartu Kredit Citi.Customers who have cancelled a Citi credit card within the last 48 months are not eligible for this offer.3.13 rcmodelz coupon code If the primary cardholder closes the Citi Credit Card account, any earned Citi Rewards Points/Miles/Cash Back at the time of such closure will be extinguished.3.13 Jika Pemegang Kartu utama menutup rekening Kartu Kredit Citi, Citi Rewards Points/Miles/Cash Back yang telah diperoleh menjadi tidak berlaku.Citibank reserves the right to, without liability or prejudice to any of its other rights, at any time, without previous notice and from time to time, withdraw/suspend/amend/cancel this offer, with or without any reason Citibank reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to vary, delete.