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Plus the former school borders on a residential area.
Entrepreneurs, episode 105, watch Now, first Aired, september 6, 2009.
'The people camping there have a complex range of issues, like homelessness, substance misuse and poor mental health - things that can't be addressed overnight.
He added: 'We don't want to cause problems or be in anybody's way, but we need more support and help to get somewhere to live and start again.One said: 'Shanty towns have no place in our town'.Shark Tank Season 1, Episode.Pictured: The former Groves school in Wrexham.But people living in the area are furious, with one star vs the forces of evil gifts branding the situation 'disgraceful'.No Deal for April Morris.The URO Club, pee in the club golf club - Dr.George Podd Rolf Schwartz get a Deal with Daymond John and Robert Herjevic for 750k for 70 of the business.Herjavec and O'Leary also appeared.Ionic Ear - Darren Johnson was asking for a cool million dollars for a 15 stake in the company.Dragons Den is the model for Shark Tank.
A row has broken out over the camp, with one resident describing it as 'disgraceful'.
The Bobble Place - Jeff Wolsky,.
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Homeless residents living in a 'dangerous' British shanty town have revealed some residents are beaten up and urinated.
The homeless camp in Wrexham has caused uproar with local residents.