Does comcast give a military discount

does comcast give a military discount

I never signed a contract and Comcast iphone x gift card offer will not send me one.
Replace your Comcast Modem with your Own.Yes, the discounts do expire, most of the time before your three year service agreement has ended.A little competition in the marketplace is always a good thing.Realize that this is just an add on masquerading as part of a package deal.The most savings comes and when you bundle all three services together.This is your leverage.All (1 codes (1 sitewide (1 find more discounts like Xfinity coupons.These are the guys/gals who have the power to bike discount delivery times cut you a deal.Do Comcast Discounts Expire?
This setup allows me to get rid of my Comcast modem rental.
Comcast Bill Discussion: Have you had birthday gift for female work colleague success in negotiating with Comcast or a similar cable provider?
Heres my article on how to do this.I didnt fight the higher tier because there were a few channels I wanted.Question, i got nowhere with the retention department after telling Comcast I cannot afford year two, which they told me would be same price as year one.You are going to switch to a competitor because they have lower prices.Get Ready for the Negotiations.If you dont want an add-on, be adamant about.You can try to negotiate it away, but that just limits your ability to get other Comcast discounts to cut your bill.New Customer Discounts, comcast offers a variety of new customer discounts to people who have never had an account with them or have gone several months without service from them.Comcast (aka XFinity) knows that theyre the only cable provider game in town, which doesnt give you much in the way of price negotiation power.If at First you dont Succeed, Try Again.