Funny gifts for project managers

funny gifts for project managers

Monogrammed wine stopper: For the wine lover at the office: give them a monogrammed wine stopper to add a personal touch to their evening glass (or two) of vino.
There is no such thing as scope creep, only scope gallop.
The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide teaches you everything you didnt realize you needed to know, from shucking oysters to splitting wood to brewing the perfect cup of coffee.Steer Clear of Bad Clientsand the Wolves Whove Left Wall Street A crucial factor in managing a successful project is often the client himself.Story by Dan Toren.If everything is going exactly to plan, something somewhere is going massively wrong.Rather than letting it cripple the project or changing course, 72andSunny embraced the unknown and launched a massive licensing salvo.In my personal opinion we code promo firestorm should not let discount tire store san diego this project go by under any circumstance." CEO to Client: "These are the type of projects in which our company specialize.We have executed many project of the same nature for many big clients.Coffee for a cause Most of your colleagues are probably coffee addicts, so give them a boost of caffeine and karma.
CVR/IT Consulting proudly presents: A new board game that totally captures the insanity of projects, Project SN-AFU is the perfect antidote for those who are fed up with mindless bureaucracy and inept management.
Illustration by Matthew Hollister, m, project management.
Neither system will work very well.Real cards you can actually touch and taste, in which players draw Question Cards that describe various Social Science experiments.Its really something you can be proud of to say, Hey, I made that.The nice thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise rather than being preceded by a period of worry and depression.pragmatic project manager If we get in each other's way, who will get killed?Keep Calm, Carry On, first, the basics: As most designers know, project managers do a lotin a lot of different ways, and under a lot of different titles.A simple lesson, but a valuable one: Choose your clients wisely.Geek Wisdom: For your resident (preferably self-proclaimed) geek, this collection of mini essays for and about geek/nerd culture is the perfect blend of intellectualism and pop culture.