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It is also Elton John's favourite word: "It is the best word in the English language" (Peter Silverton, 2009).
Pauline Kiernan writes that "Hell is a term frequently used.
It is interesting that these early curses were related to God's body - the eyelids and how many games did ken jennings win wounds - as contemporary swearing has become secularised though bodily taboos have remained: from eyelids and wounds we have moved to erogenous zones such as 'cunt' and 'cock'.
You know, men are allowed to talk about their dicks so why aren't girls allowed to say 'cunt'?" (2001).That's when we said 'Fuck this!'.Its reappropriation is not universally accepted, however: Spike Lee has criticised what he perceives as Samuel L Jackson's insensitivity towards the word's history.Gilbert Adair accepts this notion, though he is disturbed by it: "Nowadays, with fewer and fewer exceptions, print journalists are free, should the context require it, to bandy about.Mark Radcliffe profiles "people with mental health problems taking the sting out of stigma by reclaiming pejoratives" (2003 citing 'Crazy Folks' and 'Mad Pride' as groups whose names "reclaim some of the stigmatising language".John Sutherland, however, believes that it must be demonstrably reclaimed by women before it becomes socially acceptable: "It is still the unmentionable word in public conversation.I am a prisoner of cunt.Germaine Greer - who instigated the cunt-power movement, of which more later - wrote I Am A Whore, in which she consciously identified herself win 7 restore system image with the word 'whore attempting to show that it can be positive rather than negative: "Whore is a dirty word.The Canterbury Tales, which are full of more minor swear words such as 'shit' and 'piss' though not the tabooed 'cunt' (except in disguised form were written at the very end of the 14th century, thus it seems that 'cunt' was an acceptable term throughout.'An' doesn't ter know?
The French song Requiem Pour Un Con was retitled Requiem For A Jerk for its English cover version.We shape magazine giveaway all feel like that.Similarly, Susie Dent notes that the word's over-exposure is also gradually weakening its toxicity: "Terms such as 'silly old cunt'.Avoid confusing C words" (Ivan Marples, 2011 "Ah, the c-word: context" (Tom Shone, 1994 "I'm confused.Will Self, like Irvine Welsh, writes novels which are liberally sprinkled with 'cunt's.The complex etymological jigsaw of this "most notorious term of all" (1947) can now be broadly pieced together: the 'cu' is Proto-Indo-European, the 'n' is Latin, and the 't' is Dutch.In Cymbeline (1611 a character mentions "confounded one the other.