Honey gift set marc jacobs

Yes, the bottle can be said to be cute, if a little immature looking to an older gal like myself.
Daisy was just "blah" on me, and Blush is one of the worst fragrances I have ever had the "privalege" of sampling.
This is surprisingly delightful, refreshing, sunny, happy.It smelled just "floral" for ten minutes - then it became gardenia - real gardenia.Really there is no honey scent to me at all, but still a fun and fresh scent.But just a light fresh, refreshing, sort of energizing scent.I purchased Marc Jacobs right away.Pretty pleased with this one.
But I am not one to be about the bottle, it is more about the fragrance.To begin with, I have never liked Marc Jacobs' scents.Weird that this is in Ulta, btw.I tend to think that the bottles sous vide gifts are gimmicky, and more often than not to me it feels like more thought went into designing the bottles as opposed to creating the actual fragrance.Then, through routine perfume sampling I fell in love with Kai, the Californian boutique scent that celebrities have been going crazy over.But this is quite light, not loud and no worry about being a sugar-bomb.Went back a couple days later and it was still there.Back at Fragrantica, a few negative reviews were saying things like "green bananas" and "frangipanis" and general "tropical" notes.

But I am not detecting a fruit punch t Hawaiian Punch or anything, that is for sure!
Just a light, clean, fresh, refreshing scent.
I decided I hadn't given Marc Jacobs a fair trial, since I only sampled it on paper, and didn't give it full time to develop (because of my usual disappointments from that brand).