How did the greeks win the battle of salamis

how did the greeks win the battle of salamis

Why was there a standoff between the Greeks and Persian at Marathon?
The Salamis plan of the Greeks was a masterstroke which succeededin turning adore baby discount code the war around, from the Greeks staying home desperatelydefending their cities and being picked off one by one, to theirbeing on the attack and defeating the Persian invasion on land andsea.
The Persian fleet comprised contingents from Phoenicia, the Asiatic Greek city-states and Egypt.The Greeks also stayed in the strait at Salamis.Athletes prayed to Nike, the goddess of victory - shes still a big name in sport today!The Greeks build up autogeek forum discount their supplies (armor, weapons) and train their soldiers.At the naval battle of Salamis in 480 BCE it was Darius'successor Xerxes the Great, who watched this naval battle from ahill overlooking the Salamis Strait.How many Persian wars were there?
The Athenians, under Themistocles, build a navy.It was a battering ram at the front of their ships avis rewards program number (it was like a nose).Another invention also helped the Greeks.Xerxes sent 400 ships and 250,000 men.Again, there's no time for changing the status of the rowers.Why wasn't Athens defended when the Persians arrived?

(Came right from my social studies textbook hope i could help Another version: (book answers are not always accurate, and not nearly as interesting as the real facts).
Persia was a landlocked nation and had no naval tradition.