How did trump win popular vote

Trump believes, then the validity of his election as president would be questionable, given that he narrowly won the Electoral College by 107,000 votes.
If you Google election results, you may end up at 70win, a website with bad information.
The phony popular vote results have caught the attention of the.But the numbers differ wildly from other analyses, which indicate that non-citizen voting is extraordinarily rare; in fact, one national investigative reporting project determined that only 56 non-citizen were cast from.And as he has said many time if Donald.Trump forces: theyre attempting to thwart the candidate who is likely to win more Republican primary votes than any GOP contender in at least the last 36 years, and maybe ever.Trump has since called Stein and Clinton's recount petitions a " scam ".Where, trump 's illegal 'millions' come from, reuters/Chris Keane.The researchers called this their "best guess" of the actual voting rate, based on the cces survey data and other studies of voting behavior.This is little more than a third of the total margin." Richman went on to write that, while it's plausible non-citizens contributed to Clinton's margin of victory, it's "not at all" plausible that non-citizen voters could explain his loss.Trump 's assertion that "millions" of people illegally voted said "there is no way" they could explain how democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won the popular vote with a margin of more than.2 million votes ( and growing ).John McCain earned in 2008.Donald, trump is set to be sworn in next month as the 45th president of the United States, despite garnering almost 3 million fewer votes than his challenger.
This phenomenon could be viewed as a positive, that our electoral system requires winning presidential candidates to have broad national support and not just rack up huge margins in a relatively small number of high-population centers.
"I linked to Judicial Watch merely because they posted a PDF that is outside of the journal paywall which makes it more feasible for people to read the study.".In an email to politico, University of Minnesota political science professor (and Smart Politics blogger) Eric Ostermeier noted that only eight candidates have won more than.5 million Republican primary votes since the advent of the modern primary and caucus system.Or one could similarly claim that Trump s electoral vote victory came entirely from Texas, since if Clinton had taken the Lone Star state (and its 38 electoral votes she would also have won the overall election.Trump Invites Russian Hackers to Find Clintons Missing Emails."I don't think that participation has been anywhere close list of gift catalogs to the level required to account for the entirety of Clinton's nation-wide popular vote margin Richman told Business Insider.There are still votes to be counted, mostly in the Democratic stronghold of California - but the Electoral College results aren't in jeopardy.Fortunately for, trump, voting experts say his claim is implausible.

It may also be true, as Donald Trump has claimed, that without our winner-take-all electoral system (under which it makes no difference whether a candidate loses a state by 100 votes or 10,000,000 votes) that generally forces candidates to focus their efforts on a handful.
The current popular vote total is Clinton with 61,350,758 votes.