How many awards did tupac win

Jelly fish How many ounces are in one pound?
Megadeath Actress Emma Stone is from Arizona.
Darkness Who do the Flyers play in the first round of the playoffs?John What state is Yale located in?Limewire This team was just announced as the new participant of HBOs Hardknocks.From First Glance 1 for legends gift card balance April, wife 4 Life, tears from a Star.Phoebe from Friends What is a group of Dolphins called?Putin This country trio took the Grammys by storm in 2007 winning the record of the year, albm of the year and song of the year?Knee Who played Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction?
Omar Noted neurosurgeon from John Hopkins he attempted to run for president on the republican ticket this year but failed to get the nomination.
Plymouth Colony Who won the Masters?
Ireland In June this fifa president announced he would step down amid an FBI investigation and stories of corruption.19 million What percentage of people in the us are of Asian decent?Who were the Jaguars #1 draft pick in this past years April NFL Draft?Colonel sanders How many presidents first names, if any, start with the letter C?The fountain of youth.