Humorous 70th birthday gifts

Turning seventy is an important time to gather with friends and family, and many grandparents enjoy being surrounded by loved ones as a part of their birthday celebrations.
If the how did trump win popular vote honoree has a sense of humor, the "Over the Hill" theme with lots of "old geezer" gag gifts should provide lots of laughs.
Today, you are 70, and thats not your age.
A favorite picture of the baby is printed in full color on one side.Finding the Perfect Way to Present Birthday Wishes.You would still be awesome by any other name!When I need help, there is always one That I can call on, and she always responds.I wish you much love on this your big day.I am sorry for my role in creating your white hairs.When I think of those jokes, I will try hard to hide The fact that Im laughing Like a maniac inside.Seventy, seventy, say it out loud, Happy birthday to my Grandma, the best in the crowd!But youre getting pretty old, So dont drink any beer.Welcome the fashionable woman to grandmotherhood with a clever Glam-ma gift, such as the coffee mug pictured here.
A fiesta or a luau is always fun, or take a trip down memory lane with a tribute to the decade in which the birthday boy or girl enjoyed their teen years or early adulthood, such as a 50's or 60's theme.We have done so many things, Dad.Grandma, you have really shown us how life should begin; And even at this stage of your game, you are showing us how to win; For all through your lifes struggles, you continue, like a top, to spin.How Is Your Husband Different?Next, apply those unique character qualities to the special relationship you share with your grandpa.Coffee mugs are fun and affordable first time Grandma gifts that are sure to be used daily.