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You can now build lightmap data for MegaShape standard meshes.
Added option to Spline Box Mesh to flip normals for inside box tubes.
We set out to make a show that would put the audience smack in the middle of an emergency room on its busiest nights, introduce them to characters with whom they would become so intimate, that they would feel something deeply at the end.What set it apart from other medical dramas?Fixed bug which caused the smoke gun objects from being shown after a while.Deadline : You packed a lot into the finale from the plane crash into Angels Memorial to Noas timely #MeToo storyline.MegaFlow now fully compatible with Unity.5.Tell us how we can make this answer more useful.Click the Assets/Import OSM option.When importing rituals gift set uk FLW, FGA or FXD sequences you no longer need to specify a split character or decformat.MegaFlow fully Unity.4 compatible, fixed a bug for Unity.x users where the CreateFlow component would give an error due to the component not getting an Awake call.Added a MegaFlow controlled Rigidbody to the example scene.
Autocurve now does the first and last handles on open splines.
Was this the finale youd originally envisioned for the show?We have added support for Maya.pda particle cache files.Added a beta OSM data importer.Changed FGA importer so it works with Blender FGA files that use commissary my rewards card floats instead of ints for grid dimensions.Added option to Spline Ribbon Mesh to flip normals.Splines now default to Free Handle mode for editing.

Added option to Flow Effect to align objects with the flow direction or the object movement direction, useful for arrows objects to show flow direction etc.
New method will produce a perfectly smooth spline through all the control points.
Seitzman : Theres an aspect to Ryan McGarrys documentary, which inspired the show, which I always found interesting.