Interesting christmas gifts for mom

Lets get right to it, here are my top 10 picks.
Whether youre hiking, backpacking, river-rafting, biking, or doing some other outdoor activity, you will always be prepared with your olivia bag.
Brush it on, allow it to dry, and you may be able to carefully save your masterpieces enclosed in plastic and stored in a cool, dry location for next year!Plan on an average of 12 candies per ornament, but buy a little extra; some of the cut rock candies in the bag may be broken or unsuitable (too thin or too thick) and you will not want to run out!Push the toothpick through the parchment a little and rotate gently to enlarge the hole.Stitched Journals The Chic Site 25 Handmade Fashion Gifts.For an easy holiday project thats fun for young and old alike, make these beautiful ornaments from cut rock candy.Arrow Print Picture Frame Girl Loves Glam.If you plan to put holes in the candy ornaments, poke a toothpick in each one, wherever you want the hole.Mothers Day Bouquet Paper Stitch.Adventure Parents, recently blogged about the axe his wife gave him.Bird-feederÂ, make a feeder out of a plastic bottle and some wooden spoons, or go for something more artistic, like this feeder strung with cranberries, or heres a tutorial on how to make gourd bird feeders, they all look just plain awesome.Sweet Cotton Panties Go Make.
Because, you see, you had better fill every available space in that card.DIY Paint Dipped Mugs Merry Thought.They turn out a lot like hemp jewelry, so if you were part of the 90s hemp craze youll be a pro.Clutch from a cushion My White Idea.For christmas gift for male friend solid ornaments, fill the pans.Homemade Beeswax Lip Balm Hello Homme Shoppe.Rosemary Foot Soak Olive Oil Scrub A Birds Leap.Great Kids Gear - Adventuring for Christmas by Amelia (from Tales of a Mountain Mama ).Stacked Ombre Cording Bracelets, flamingo Toes.Super Easy Sugar Lemon Scrub Recipe Craftberry Bush.