Lar grizzly magazine 45 win mag

lar grizzly magazine 45 win mag

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After finding your review of the Mk4 on TGR and posting in the comments, I wanted to send you a pic and info on my rig.
I got mine in the '80s intending to use if for silhouette shooting.
Ive wanted one of these so bad.Such kits included new barrels, barrel bushings, springs, magazines, as well as "multi-caliber" extractors and ejectors which replaced the dedicated ".45 WinMag only" extractor and ejector of the basic weapon.AVG VEL: 1375 FPS/ 1007 LBS.E.29.5 gr 1515 fps/917 lbs ME 30 gr 1540 fps/947 lbs.5 gr 1551 fps/961 lbs ME 31 gr 1604 fps/1029 lbs.Weight unloaded 1380 g, length 267 mm (with 6 1/2" barrel).If he shot it much though, you couldnt tell._.44 Special is indeed!6518John # 7, 10:04 AM Member Join Date: Mar 2010 Location: Switzerland Posts: 506 Likes: 747 Liked 2,178 Times in 340 Posts": Originally Posted by azlou66 I am lucky enough to have two MkI Grizzlies in my safe.I have a 10mm conversion kit that has never been fired, I'll get to it one of these days.
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Remember that the guy with online data might be the dumbest bastard you ever use caution and work.The LAR Grizzly MK IV 44 mag is a joy to shoot, the only thing you have to do is send out a search party for your brass, she really throws.Pretty much I was happy at 19 gr powder.Thanks for the review and the conversation.Im not much of a writer or photographer but I will give some basic info.