Motogp points for a win

The enormous power advantage of the twice as large displacement four-stroke engine over the half the size two-stroke meant that by the following season, no two-stroke bikes were racing.
Ducati wins the riders' championship with Casey Stoner and also the constructors' title, becoming the first European brand to have done so in the premier class in 30 years.
Maximum displacement was limited to 1,000 cc, maximum cylinders were limited to four, and maximum bore was capped at 81 mm (3.2 inches).
1993: Shinichi Itoh and his fuel-injected NSR500 break the 200 mph (320 km/h) barrier at the German GP at Hockenheim.Read more, tickets purchase, videoPass purchase, all MediaNewsSocialVideo.The increased piston area permits an minute to win it birthday invitations increase in the total valve area, allowing more air and fuel to be drawn into the engine, and the shorter stroke permits higher revs at the same piston speed, allowing the engine to pump still more air and fuel.No motorcycle may include such a device.' This stops an artificial "boost" gained from increasing fuel density by cooling.This class is restricted to single-cylinder 250 cc four-stroke engines with a maximum bore of 81 mm (3.2 inches).For the whole season Bridgestone provided four different specifications of front tyre, six of rear, and a single wet specificationwith no qualifying specification."New teams lining up for MotoGP 2012".
The 125 cc and 250 cc classes still consisted exclusively of two-stroke machines.
"2015 provisional MotoGP calendar announced".
In addition, the minimum weight of four-cylinder bikes used by all participating teams was increased by 3 kg (6.6 lb).In 2008, the rules were amended to allow more tyres per race weekend18 fronts and 22 rears for a total of 40 tyres.Previously, if a race started dry and rain fell, officials could red-flag (stop) the race and either restart or resume on 'wet' tyres.Filters, closeApply m m, latest results, view all results m 18 hours ago 19 hours ago m m m m m, load more, no more updates to show loading.Countries marked in green hosted the last grand prix, those in red have hosted a MotoGP in the past The 2018 MotoGP season consists 18 Grands Prix held in 15 different countries.

Engines are supplied exclusively by Honda, tyres by Dunlop and electronics are limited and supplied only by FIM sanctioned producers with a maximum cost set at 650 EUR.