Name the seven gifts of the holy spirit

My heart is dark, but Thou canst illuminate.
And deceits, and I firmly resolve to hanna andersson promo code 2017 lead a truly Christian life.(Raccolta 277) Prayer for the Afflicted O holy spirit, Who art God together with the Father and the Son, deliver us this day from sadness and discouragement; preserve all Christians from despair and its fatal results.O Holy Spirit, impart to me the Gift of Counsel, the guiding ray of light that will enable me to choose what is true and right instagram giveaway to gain followers whenever I am assailed by doubts or dangers and that will infallibly lead to my last aim and end.My soul sighs for Thee!Let Thy light shine more and more on souls that are wandering in the darkness far away from God.Prayer to Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit dispenses His choicest graces to those who have a tender love and devotion to Mary, His Immaculate Spouse.Turn them to the light-giving Heart of Jesus and to the healing stream of His Precious Blood.(From the Raccolta) Sequence of Pentecost O holy spirit!Enkindle light within our minds, With love our wayward hearts inflame; And with Thine own undying life, Give vigor to our mortal frame.May my heart be ever ethiopian gift shop inflamed with love of God and of my neighbor.From this moment on, come into every area of my life and into each of my actions.
Thou of all Consolers best, Visiting the troubled breast, Dost refreshing peace bestow.Help me, that I may never lose the grace of God nor defile the temple of the Holy Spirit, but that my heart may ever remain His holy dwelling, and that with thee I may eternally praise and bless the Holy Spirit in Heaven.I believe in Thee, O Lord Jesus Christ, only-begotten Son, Who hast suffered and died for me, and through Thy Precious Blood hast ransomed me from the slavery of Satan.Give them comfort when they die; Give them life with Thee on high; Give them joys which never end.Come, with treasures which endure!Teach me to know and seek my last end; grant me the holy fear of God; grant me compunction and patience, and suffer me not to fall into sin.Mark me, Dear Lord, with the sign of Thy true disciples, and animate me in all things with Thy Spirit.Transform me into a holocaust, holy and entirely pleasing to Thee.Thou art the strength and light of my soul.

(After a prayer by Cardinal Newman) Prayer for Unity O holy spirit, Spirit of Truth, come into our hearts; shed the brightness of Thy light upon the nations, that they may please Thee in unity of faith.