Nosler 338 win mag reloading data

Hornadys 225 grain SST load is best suited to game weighing between 90 and 320kg (200-700lb) but is prone to full fragmentation at close ranges.
Unfortunately, the.338 VLD bullet is very tough can be prone to produce pencil hole wounds at extended ranges.
Not long after its introduction, many hunters found the 250 grain and heavier.338 Winchester Magnum loads to be slow killers on larger bodied deer including Elk, preferring the light 200 grain PowerPoint load.This cartridge fired.333 250 grain bullet at 2500fps and a 300 grain bullet at 2200fps and like the.318, this cartridge also gained high recognition. .The 200 grain SST, already mentioned in the factory ammunition section, is one of the greatest things to have happened to the.338 bore.Jacket thickness is no longer such an issue on light or lean game, the vastly increased frontal area meeting more resistance on impact, ensuring a high degree of energy transfer.Many have been fooled by the ill-conceived concept that crunch fitness promo code may 2015 the.338 Winchester Magnum has enough power to make shot placement less of an issue.As game weights are increased, it is best to avoid shots which may strike heavy bone on large game at close ranges as well as heavily raking shots.The Barnes bullet in particular can be somewhat good christmas gifts for under 20 dollars unforgiving at lower velocities and can pose a risk to the hunter if used on Brown bear, wounded but playing possum.Label components and reloads for easy identification.In contrast to this, the 225 grain bullet can be prone to tumble and lose its rear core when used on game of this size, should the projectile strike heavy bone.Dont substitute components for those listed.
Modern ammunition uses smokeless powder as the energy source.
Game weights are the key here - both bullets being about ideal for Elk sized game.On large plains game (taking bullet construction of the day into account) the small bores were considered too small to be fully effective while the.375 and larger kin were too much gun (recoil) for regular use in the hands of unseasoned hunters.Swifts heavy weights, the 250 and 275 grain A-Frames are well suited to large game.Wounding becomes narrow below impact velocities of 2200fps or inside 150 yards when utilized in the.338 Winchester Magnum.The Accubond will not normally exit larger animals in the 450kg range and results can at times be disappointing.The Scirocco is best suited to large bodied deer up to the size of Elk and can be annealed to reduce frontal area and aid penetration with raking shots.The latest fast expanding frangible or semi frangible bullet designs are capable of producing much more emphatic killing down to much lower velocities.The.33WCF fired a 200 grain bullet at 2200fps achieving relatively high velocity and energy for smokeless lever action cartridges of this time period.The 200 grain PowerPoint does its best work inside 130 yards where velocity is high.

The btsp can also tackle light or lean animals in the same manner as the SST bullets - paying attention to shot placement, keeping shots well forwards at extended ranges.