Present like a gift

present like a gift

( represent, portray ) alpha phi alpha gifts presentar the report presents her in a favourable light el informe presenta una imagen favorable de ella.
( especially American ) at the present time.
Gift regalo, obsequio;.
( put on, play, concert, film ) dare ( TV, Radio ) ( act as presenter of ) presentare to present the news ( TV, Radio ) leggere le notizie presenting Jack Nicholson.( Gram ) presente.Hay un médico (presente)?( offer, difficulty, problem, opportunity ) presentare ; ( features ) offrire.Cuánto tiempo llevas en tu puesto actual?(Mil) präsentiert das Gewehr!The verb present might mean to deliver something like a speech, or perform something like a play.
My father was present on that occasion; Who else was present at the wedding?; Now s3 gifted nutrition that the whole class is present, we can begin the lesson.In its present form en su forma actual the present government el actual gobierno from Roman times to the present day desde los tiempos romanos hasta nuestros días this tradition has continued to the present day esta tradición sigue vigente a solution to the problems.VI ( Med ) to present with sth patient presentarse con algo to present with or as sth condition presentarse en forma de algo present prznt prznt vt ( give formally ) prizes, awards présenter to present sb with sth award, medal présenter qch.( Gram ) (tiempo m ) presente.( pose ) difficulty, problem, threat, challenge présenter ( provide ) opportunity offrir to present itself christmas gift exchange using dice se présenter if the opportunity presents itself si l'occasion se présente ( put across ) person, event, image présenter Her lawyer wanted to present her in the most favourable.