Shipping gifts to canada

If in doubt as to gift itunes store whether an item requires an export permit, contact the appropriate government department listed in Section.3.1 Import permits and other documentation.
2.3.5 Prescription drugs The paw patrol birthday gift ideas importation of drugs is strictly regulated.
However, if the item is worth more than CAD20, you must pay the applicable duty, the GST or HST, and any PST on the item's full value.Live insects and pests may be imported provided that they are properly packaged, identified and have an import permit if required.Or abroad is subject to customs export rules.For example, there are generally no customs duties applicable to products that qualify under the North American Free Trade Agreement (nafta).Please note that Kinder chocolate eggs are prohibited from import into the.S.Importations Into the Rest of the World.Or an international destination (see Section.1 Completing customs documents ).The shippers and recipients name, product description and the statement For personal consumption should appear on the FedEx International Air Waybill and Commercial Invoice (e.g., Chocolate Truffles for personal consumption).
It should be noted that if customs duties or fees are applicable in the country of destination, the addressee will be responsible for the payment of any duties or fees.
2.3.4 Currency and monetary instruments All Canadian or foreign currency and monetary instruments (10,000CAD or more) entering or exiting Canada through the mail must be reported to the cbsa.
3.3.5 Certificates of disinfection Parcels containing used wearing apparel (e.g.Items sent by a business, company or association.Valuable items include: bank or currency notes coins travellers cheques securities of any kind payable to bearer platinum, gold or silver (manufactured or not) jewels and precious stones other valuable articles as determined by customs in the destination country.All international mail is subject to the Customs regulations and laws of both the country of origin and the country of destination.See International Destination Listing for specific information.Date modified: About this site Government of Canada footer.USD100 or less, per gift, per recipient.As an owner of a valid Canadian copyright, you are eligible to file a Request for Assistance pamono discount code (RFA) application with the cbsa.