The gift of the magi multiple choice questions and answers

Material wealth The importance of intention over action Pre-reading discussion questions: What do people mean when they say "the true spirit of giving" or "the true spirit of the holidays?" Do you agree with the common expression: "It's the thought that counts"?
Heart, manger, money, present, prop Dollar Sign, scissors.
(From t he Gutenberg Project -text in the public domain) The graded version, with some of the tougher vocabulary and turns of phrase simplified as well as explanatory footnotes for the more antiquated or obscure references.A lesson on modelling critical reading skills, including ways of getting the gist of a story without knowing every word, lessons on forming questions and predicting as you read, and an unknown vocabulary prediction worksheet.Get access risk-free for 30 days, just create an account.Go through the whole packet and spend a week on this text alone.Its 108 pages of activities, handouts and worksheets that cover vocabulary, irony, the moral of the story, character analysis, close reading, critical reading skills, and a lot more.While tragic, the story proves that the couple love each more than anything.If students dont picture the right kind of comb, the story can fall flat.O' Henry refers to Della and Jim as "foolish children" and "the wisest." How can Della and Jim be both foolish and wise?Think about"s that could be used to help create meaning in each panel.
Opening Discussion, introduce the following themes to students: Inner.
The story itself is actually very simple: A husband and wife are very much in love with each other.
Example Storyboard Types of Conflict in "The Gift of the Magi" by Student Student Handout Share this comic with your students to demonstrate the activity without giving away the farm Types of Conflict in The Giver by Pixton Import this Activity.View complete content list here, breakdown of topical questions: The Lottery Shirley Jackson.Theres also a Find the Phrase activity to help students find examples of common themes in the story.Character Study Sheets for Jim and Della, plus a fun creative activity to retell the story through another characters newegg promo codes canada reddit eyes.Step 3Concluding discussion with students Discuss the following: What is the author's tone throughout the story?Imputation: An accusation of a fault or crime.Each one gives up the thing they love for the other one.But we dont often do it in class, because its a difficult story.RL.7.2 Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text; provide an objective summary of the text.

Theres also a lesson plan on predicting the meaning of difficult words in context, including figuring out how much you need to know about a word to follow the story.
A brief one-paragraph summary and a scene-by-scene guide to the text that students could read as a simplified easy-to-read version.