The movie the gift with cate blanchett

Valerie permits the search while Donnie is absent, but he returns while the search is proceeding.
Spider-Man franchise, director, sam Raimi helmed a Southern gothic thriller on a tiny budget. .
See more genres: Drama, fantasy, horror, mystery, certificate: 16, see all certifications ยป.Annie tells Wayne that Donnie is not responsible brickfielder coupon code for Jessica's death, and that Duncan will not reopen the investigation.A Simple Plan, his Coen Brothers-ish thriller that also starred Billy Bob Thornton, did.With all of these elements, "The Gift" could have been a bad movie, and yet it is a good one because it redeems the genre with the characters.She lives in a swamp of melodrama; that's really the only way to describe her hometown of Brixton,., which has been issued with one example of every standard Southern gothic type.She looks at the cards, she listens to her clients, she feels their pain, she tries to dispense common sense.While it didnt earn the mass appeal of Raimis early blood-spattered epics in the.
Just say murder in a small Southern town, and Im intrigued.The Gift delivers the lurid goods as a scary, sexy, twist-a-minute whodunit.You may nail the murderer before the script gets around to it (Hint: Look for the star who has had the least to do but Raimis flair for rich atmospherics expertly abetted by cinematographer Jamie Anderson (.Giovanni Ribisi who is haunted by nightmares and is a seething basket case filled with resentment against his father.The two drive to the police station.Because theres already one great movie called.

The Other Sister should have passed on this one.
A woman who has to rely on herself and her gifts, and does, and is sufficient).
Plus, Katie Holmes is topless in it, if thats your thing.