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Schloss Leopoldskron for example: an 18th century rococo castle outside central Salzburg, an exquisite jewel on a picturesque lake where Maria and you will win jekalyn carr mp3 download the children fell from their boat.
Frightened by the developments, Maria runs back to the convent, where the reverend mother convinces her that she must face, rather than run from, the situation, causing Maria to return to the Captain's home.
The widowed, retired Austrian naval officer, Captain Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer) has made his Austrian home one of overly restrictive and harshly enforced discipline, one that, most unintentionally, causes his seven children to be underfed when it comes to joy and love.
Being a nun living in a convent is similarly restrictive and unfulfilling for Maria (Julie Andrews who breaks rules to try to change.Thank you for your cooperation!English: DTS-HD nespresso rewards uk Master Audio.1 (48kHz, 24-bit).Aspect ratio:.20:1, original aspect ratio:.20:1, audio.Salzburg - but many facts aren't widely known.Through music and various outings, Maria gives the children a taste of a more fulfilling, joyous, life than they have ever known, and they come to love her very dearly.One of her guests, upon hearing her children sing, suggested they enter a folk music contest.
English: Dolby Digital.0 (Original spanish: Dolby Digital.1 (448 kbps).The Captain, who had surely concluded that he could never have Maria for a wife, confides to the Baroness that he loves Maria, but the Baroness admits she had sensed it long ago, and the engagement is called off.In his personal life, the Captain is having a romance with a wealthy, cultivated, and lovely Baroness (Eleanor Parker but he is becoming more and more captivated by Maria, and is falling in love with her, and she, too, feels growing affection for him.The reverend mother (Peggy Wood) decides that Maria, who is not cutting it as a nun, should leave and take on a job as governess at the nearby Von Trapp household in Salzburg.THE president'S club, take your theatre experience to the next level with exclusive access to the Presidents Club at Ethan Allens Rothschild Lounge.It seems, though, pirates dinner adventure promo code that she is too late, learning that the Captain and the Baroness have become engaged.Visitors from all over the world use the opportunity to see the locations in the city of Salzburg, where the film was shot.We suggest taking a tour and visiting the movie locations.The Captain and Maria marry, but an ugly situation befronts them upon return from their honeymoon - the Captain has been summoned, in a telegram, by the Third Reich to serve in its navy.

The Trapp family is inseparably linked with.
French: DTS.1, portuguese: Dolby Digital.1 (less subtitles, english SDH, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish.
English SDH, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish (less note : Forgot to set the field.