When did the colts win the superbowl

To get to their first Super Bowl, the Bucs had to win at Philadelphia, where it was 26 degrees.
Theyd have lost all four if Aaron Bailey could have held on to Jim Harbaughs Hail Mary at the end of the 1995 AFC title game.
They held the explosive Rams offense to 11 points in the 1999 NFC championship game and by 2002 led the NFL in points and yards allowed.
Rich Gannon threw 28 touchdown passes and 11 interceptions that year.Two of Hayes interceptions in the 1980 playoffs came in the Raiders 14-12 win at Cleveland in the divisional round.Gibbs even won a Super Bowl with Mark Rypien in 1991.9: 1980 Raiders, its not unheard of nowadays for a wild-card team to win a Super Bowl, but it was in 1980.But the Buccaneers couldnt accompany their 2002 title with another one and they didnt come close.They were led by NFL MVP Kurt Warner.They finished 11-2-1 that year, but they might have been aided by a downgrade in competition.The name and year of some Super Bowl winners rolls off the tongue like the 85 Bears or the 72 Dolphins.The 2010 Packers fall into both categories.Their 38-35 upset of the Broncos at Denver was a classic.The Raiders had a huge edge at quarterback in the AFC championship game at Oakland.
I thought about that as I was on the podium Dungy said.
Bill Cowher-coached Steelers teams in the days before Ben Roethlisberger were 1-3 in AFC championship games at home.
3: 2012 Ravens The Ravens werent the first 10-6 team to win a Super Bowl, and there are at least a dozen franchises that would sign on for 10-6.After Hester's opening dagger, Manning tried to force a pass to Marvin Harrison in double coverage and was picked off by Chris Harris to spoil Indy's first possession, but the Colts struck back on their next series, converting a trio of third downs."He prepares, he works, mitsubishi electric classic prize money does everything you can do to win games and lead your team.He barely touched the ball again as Indy went to squibbing kickoffs.That was a forgettable Super Bowl and the 1970 Colts were forgettable champions.The 1982 season was reduced to nine games because of a players strike.And not since the Buffalo Bills self-destructed with nine turnovers in losing to Dallas 14 years ago had there been so much messiness.4: 1970 Colts, the Colts, who played in Baltimore from the franchises inception through 1983, are known more for losing to Joe Namath and the Jets in Super Bowl III than they are for beating the Cowboys in Super Bowl.Chicago (15-4 which led the league in takeaways this season, finished with five turnovers, including two interceptions by Grossman.