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To smash is to break noisily and suddenly into many pieces: to smash a glass.L'autombile si è guastata sulla strada di casa.To cause (a blister, boil, or the like) to burst, as by puncturing: She broke the blister with a needle.Helen è scoppiata a piangere quando ha ricevuto la triste notizia.To shatter, burst, or become broken; separate into parts or fragments, especially suddenly and violently: The glass broke on the floor.Breyk, see more synonyms for break on m verb (used with object broke or (Archaic) brake; broken or (Archaic) broke; breaking.Le bolle rompevano la superficie dell'acqua.Spell-Or-Starve, complete the word puzzles and help Channy to escape.
To cause someone great disappointment or sorrow, as to disappoint in love: It breaks my heart to hear you are leaving.Traduzioni aggiuntive recess (court: break) sospendere vi The court will recess for lunch.Break up (loss of phone sound quality) ( figurato: di voce al telefono ) andare e venire vtr You're breaking up, so I'll call gifts for you promo code you back later.To overcome or wear down the spirit, strength, or resistance of; to cause to yield, especially under pressure, torture, or the like: They broke him by the threat of blackmail.Mid-1900s Show More break In addition to the idioms beginning with break break a leg break away break bread break camp break cover break down break even break ground break in break into break it up break loose break of day break off break one.To remove a part from (a set or collection She had to break the set to sell me the two red ones I wanted.For example, The hurricane broke the glass out of all the windows, or He broke out of prison but was soon apprehended.To continue (a story or article) on another page, especially when the page is not the following one.Mia cugina ha rotto con la tradizione e per il Ringraziamento non ha preparato il tacchino.To break (something) out (1890s) probably is an image from dock work, of freeing cargo before unloading.

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